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4 Tips for Maximizing Living Space in a Small House

Could your home use a little more space? No matter the size of your home, most people want to maximize the space they have. It helps your home feel more open and welcoming.

If you're feeling cramped for space in your small house, there are strategies you can use to make the most of your living space. We have some ideas!

Here are 4 tips for space utilization for a small house.

Inside view of a small houses kitchen

1. Open Up the Entryway

The entryway of your home is the first thing that your guests see. It's the first stop for your family as they come home from work, school, or play.

It should be a functional space, offering room to maneuver about efficiently. You can maximize a small entryway with a small bench or sitting area for removing shoes.

Add wall hooks or shelving for coats, hats, backpacks, keys, and other items. Hanging a large mirror on the wall will help reflect the rest of your home and make it seem larger.

2. Maximize a Small Living Room

Your living room is a place to gather with family and friends, entertain, or unwind at the

end of a long day. It's easy for a small living space to become cluttered and


Consider using multi-functioning furniture such as an ottoman that provides storage for

games, remotes, and other accessories. Choose a coffee table with drawers or an extra

shelf below.

Use baskets or shelving to control the clutter of kids' toys. Don't overwhelm the room

with large pieces of furniture.

Choose a smaller couch or loveseat rather than a full-sized sofa. Use light, neutral

colors for the walls and sheer curtains to lighten up your living space.

3. Use Wall Space

Do you make use of your wall space? It's an untapped resource for many tiny house


Your walls are good for more than just hanging pictures. Here are some ideas:

● Use tall bookshelves or install shelves that extend to the ceiling

● Use hooks to hang things like your keys, backpacks, and even your bike

● Use sconces instead of table lamps to save space

● Use a hanging ladder for throws, blankets, or towels

● Use a wall planter instead of using floor or table space for potted plants

Making use of your wall space can make your home look cleaner, larger, and less


4. Design With Multi-Function in Mind

Are you considering designing a new home or remodeling your current one? Think of

multi-functioning spaces that suit your lifestyle. Rooms that provide multi-use such as a

combined workout room and an office can help you make better use of your space.

If you're designing a child's room, create zones for sleeping, playing, and quiet time or

studying. Use art wire, bulletin boards, hanging shelves, and other organizational

features to keep furniture and surrounding spaces clean and free from clutter.

Maximizing Space for Your Small House

If you're living in a small house, you know how quickly it can become a disorganized

mess. A few simple strategies for tiny home living can definitely help!

If you're thinking of designing a home of any size, you want to make the most of your

space. At Texas House Plans, we offer custom design services for new homes and


We'd love to help you design the perfect home for your family. Contact us today to learn



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