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3 Home Layout Ideas That Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Designing your home for a healthy lifestyle means creating living spaces with your physical and mental health in mind. This includes considering everything from air quality to the materials, texture, color, and furniture layout of your home.

You spend a huge part of your life in your home. It plays a vital role in how you feel, sleep, and live every day. Today's home designers are aware that the design of your home affects your well-being.

Here are a few home layout ideas to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Interior of home, dining and living view to backyard

1. Kitchen Layout

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home. For most families, it's a gathering place and

one of the most commonly used rooms.

Your kitchen should be accessible and promote healthy eating. It should be a space that

makes it easy to cook and feed your family.

A cramped, poorly designed kitchen can make meal prep stressful. The key is to open

up the kitchen and create multiple work zones.

Even a small kitchen can be a warm, welcoming, and functional space. The goal is to

create an uncluttered, hygienic space for meal prep, cooking, and cleanup.

Create a space with family and friends in mind and enjoy your kitchen.

2. A Landing Zone

When people enter your home, they're bringing in dirt and germs from the outdoors. If

they're walking across your floors and carpeting in their shoes, these toxins are traveling

around your home.

Your entryway is the best first line of defense against toxins making their way into your

home. Designing a landing zone with a built-in bench or freestanding bench or chairs

will help.

People are more likely to stop and take off their shoes. You can provide a small bench or

shorter seats for the little ones in your life.

Provide a place to store or hang coats, backpacks, purses, keys, and more. It's a great

way to stay organized and keep clutter off of your floors.

3. Outdoor Connection

Today's home designers are considering the importance of wellness at home more than

ever. The WELL Building Standard focuses on design features that promote human

health and well-being.

This includes focusing on floor plans that offer a connection to nature throughout the

home. Design elements like direct access to a deck or garden, glass doors, and window

seats are all ways to connect the indoors to the outdoors.

Nature is calming and serene. Incorporating outdoor living into your daily life can help

lower your stress levels and connect with nature.

Healthy Home Layout Ideas

Your home is a huge part of your life. Doesn't it make sense to design it with your health

and happiness in mind?

These are a few ideas for incorporating wellness into your home layout ideas. If you're

considering designing a new home, Texas House Plans is a custom home design firm.

We specialize in new home design as well as remodels for Texas homes.

Let us help you design the perfect home for your family's needs.

Contact us today to get started.


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