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Do you cover all of Texas?

At Texas House Plans our main offices are in Decatur and Rhome, but we also meet customers all over the state at their local airports.Most airports have a conference / meeting room that is available for us to meet with you. We can also transit from these airport locations to your land for any specific things you want us to design around.We have the ability to fly into any of these designated meeting areas around the state or just about any public airport. Check out our Statewide Coverage Page to find the closest meeting area near you.If your local airport i not listed, just give us a call and we will setup a time to fly into the closest public airport to you.

I'm a builder / contractor here in Texas. Do you offer builder solutions or can I refer my customers to Texas House Plans?

Absolutely. We work directly with all types of builders throughout the state of Texas. This includes simple referrals from custom home builders, design-build companies, tract home builders, or for investors and rental properties. If you are one of these builders we would love to talk to you and work to offer a solution that will help you out. Our design team can create custom packages and solutions for all types of builders / contractors but here are just a few ways that we can work with you.

Custom Home Builders - Whether you are a fully-custom or semi-custom builder, you can refer your customers to us for their custom home design and rest assured they will be taken care of in a professional and time appropriate manner. If you have specific requests for your designs (i.e. site plans, extra printed sets, preferred construction methods) we will custom tailor a design package for the customers you refer to us. We will do our best to make sure the customers you refer to us will stay your customer throughout the process. We typically will CC email you on any revisions sent to the customers. We can also generate any specific information you need such as CAD layouts for engineers, etc.. If we have worked with you for a while and you have proven to be a reputable builder we will reciprocate this referral and send customers THAT DO NOT HAVE A BUILDER YET to you as a referral. KEEP IN MIND WE ONLY REFER OUR CUSTOMERS TO A BUILDER IF THEY DO NOT ALREADY HAVE A BUILDER IN MIND, WE WILL NOT SEND A CUSTOMER THAT YOU REFERRED TO US TO ANOTHER BUILDER.

Design-Build Contractors - We work with several design-build companies that prefer to offer turn key solutions for their clients but may not have the staffing or time to do all the designs in-house. You can work with us directly as a middle-man between the customer and our design team. This allows you to still work with your client directly but not have to do the labor intensive designs. Our design team can also offer advice for any design features. Some design-build contractors use Texas House Plans on an as-needed basis when they get busy to prevent delays and keep customers happy.

Tract Home Builders - Sometimes referred to as semi-custom builders, we work with tract home builders that are trying to put together a portfolio of homes with similar characteristics but with different options on the same design to fit a broad range of customers needs. Generally the "base" home is designed using our standard design package and all "options" or "spin-offs" of the same home are done on an hourly basis as needed. This provides a flexible but cost-effective home design method.

Investors / Rental Home Properties - We can work with you for all your investment properties whether it's a spec home, rental homes / duplexes, or some commercial properties. We can even generate basic floor plans for advertising materials or signage depending on what you need.

How does Texas House Plans differ from other design firms? How do you differ from buying plans online or in magazines?

At Texas House Plans we believe that you are paying for a Custom Home Design and that is what you should get. This means that all aspects of the home from the floor plan to the electrical plan will be exactly what you ask for. And if something doesn't turn out how you wanted it, no worries, you have unlimited revisions and you can change it until you are 100% satisfied. Not only is your home fully custom but we also cater the process for each customer to make sure we are convenient and meet your needs. For example, one customer may prefer all revisions emailed to them, prefer to meet in person, and greatly welcome any suggestions from their home design team. On the other hand, another customer may prefer all revisions printed as hard copy, prefer sending changes through our response form, and wants less input from the design team. Regardless of how you like to work, we can cater to your specific style.

Texas House Plans is also not a one-man-operation. We have a large design team spread over multiple offices. This allows our design team to collaborate and have brain-storming sessions during every stage of your project. This team approach gives you better flexibility and different points of view for the design. We also have specific designers that are experts in different parts of the plan. Many times our customers feel that they connect better with one designer over another and ask to work with them specifically. We encourage this. Our additional staffing also allows us to adapt easier during busy / slow times and not be behind just because of a few extra plans.

Texas House Plans varies greatly to buying plans online (online plan farms) or through magazines. First off, you will get the one-on-one customer support to help answer all your questions specific to your geographic region, city requirements, local builder questions, etc.. For example, a designer from Toledo, Ohio cannot answer questions related to common construction practices if you are building in Argyle, Texas. On the other hand we are familiar with this information and in most cases can suggest a good local builder for you, contact the city for permitting questions, and tell you the most economical construction method for your area. Purchasing plans online or through magazines typically limits you to how many changes you can make (if any at all) and can become very costly. With Texas House Plans these changes and information are just part of the process.

How does the design process work? How do we get started?

Click here to learn more about the design process and getting started.

Do you only work for specific builders?

No, we do not work for specific builders only. The designs and construction prints that we generate can be used by just about any builder to bid and/or construct. If you already have a builder in mind we can keep them in the loop by emailing copies of any revisions (with your permission of course). In fact we encourage you to get hooked up with a builder early on because they can help answer specific cost questions throughout the process. We can generally help guide you in what items cost more or less but a builder may be able to give you more exact numbers based on how they bid. If you do not have a builder in mind yet, no worries, we can base your budget square footage on average build costs or we can recommend several great builders that we work with.

Another topic that comes up frequently is families or individuals that want to contract the build themselves. Our designs / construction prints work well with this also and we can certainly help out pointing you in the right direction for any rescources you need (i.e. RESCheck, engineered slabs, sub-contractors, etc.). At Texas House Plans we strive to help out and guide our customers regardless of the path they take for construction.

How do I view my design concepts and final prints

In most cases, all design concepts and finals will be emailed to you as PDF format so that they can easily be viewed on any computer or mobile device. PDF files can be viewed with Adobe Reader (free to download). If you prefer to view the designs in person we can setup a meeting in the office or over the web. If you prefer to look over the plans as a hard copy just let us know and we will print a full scale version for you to look over and mark up.

How long does it normally take for me to get my finished blueprints?

The time frame for a custom home plan can vary greatly depending on several factors. Typically the preliminary stage lasts between one and two weeks, but could take much longer depending on the number of revisions and the complexity of the home. After we've nailed down the desired floor plan design the final construction prints typically take an additional one or two weeks to finish.

Do you offer interior renderings or walkthroughs?

Yes, full 3D renderings and walkthroughs are included in our standard design package. In fact we send updated exterior renderings on most revisions. We know these renderings help "visualize" the home and include it as part of our standard package. If you are interested in seeing interior or exterior renderings, or walkthroughs of your home, just let your deisgner know and we will be able to include this with your next plan revision.

What if I accidentally delete the drawings you sent me or lose the hard copies?

Don't worry, at Texas House Plans we keep copies of all preliminary and final drawings as we create them. All of your design files can resent by email or reprinted at any time (usually within the hour).

What if my blueprints do not fit on a standard D-sized sheet?

About 95% of all custom home designs will fit on a D-sized sheet (24" x 36") at a 1/4" = 1'-0" scale. Occasionally due to footprint size or orientation we have to plot drawings on a larger E-sized sheet (36" x 48"). Printing on a larger sheet does not add any cost to your home design package.

Do you offer engineered foundation plans?

Yes, at Texas House Plans we offer turn-key solutions for engineered foundations for your design. Some building departments require home designs to include an engineered foundation plan. Engineered foundation plans are considered an add-on to the standard design package and will cost extra. If you have any questions regarding engineered foundation plans or would like a quote please give us a call.

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