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With the unique ability to fly into airports throughout the state, there is sure to be a Texas House Plans meeting location near you. Hover over the map below for a Texas House Plans meeting location near you!

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Don't see a designated meeting location near you? Just give us a call and we will setup a time to fly into the closest public airport to you.  A designated meeting area is available at many of the airports around the state. We can also transit from these airport locations to your land for any specific things you want us to design around.

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Available Positions


We are currently looking for highly motivated people to join our home design team. See all listings below for current job openings. An online application must be submitted to be considered for a position.


Current Openings : Full Time Home Designer


  • Learn and become proficient in using Texas House Plans architectural drafting software
  • Train and stay up to date on the most recent software features and techniques used
  • Learn and become proficient in modern construction techniques for residential and light commercial buildings
  • Use "International Residential Code" reference books to look up specific building code requirements
  • Develop preliminary line drawings and three-dimensional models in a timely manner for customer presentation
  • Develop construction prints including dimensioned floor plans, electrical plans, roof plans, foundation layouts, elevations, etc. based on approved preliminary designs within a specific deadline
  • Print scaled blueprints using a wide format plotter
  • Error-check completed blueprints using an itemized checklist
  • Assemble and ship completed blueprints
  • Meet with clients to discuss floor plan designs or changes
  • Travel to client homes via company car, personal car, company airplane, or commercial airline to measure and photograph existing homes for remodel and add-on designs
  • Travel to client land or property via company car, personal car, company airplane, or commercial airline to discuss home orientation and site planning
  • Travel to other company functions and trainings via company car, personal car, company airplane, or commercial airline
  • Assist with any tasks as needed by other sister and/or parent companies
  • Meet with contractors to discuss client blueprints
  • Help design and order advertising materials
  • Help improve design processes and develop new products / services
  • Travel to client homes with other designers for measuring existing homes for remodel / add-on
  • Full time designers will typically work 5 days a week
  • Part time designers will typically work 2-3 days per week
  • Part time designers will be considered for full time positions as they become available




Pricing - Remodels / Add-ons

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Remodel / Add-on / Specialized Work - ($95.00 per hour)
  • All remodel / add-on / specialized work is billed at a flat rate of $95.00 per hour based on customer request and / or plans needed for construction
  • It is difficult for us to give an estimate over the phone for remodel or add-on designs, these projects vary greatly on complexity and the prints that are required by the contractor / city
  • Give us a call to schedule a consult for a free estimate, after meeting with you and discussing your specific project requirements we can better give you a ballpark estimate on hours
If you have any questions regarding our pricing or packages feel free to contact us.
We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.
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Design Process - Remodels / Add-Ons

house header 1Step 1: The design process for remodels and add-ons begins with a free initial consult at your home with our design experts. This allows you to show us exactly what you have in mind and discuss any concerns and/or questions you have. After thoroughly discussing your design ideas we give you feedback on the different options and give you an estimate on how many hours of work the design may take (all remodel / add-on designs are on an hourly basis). If you would like us to move forward with the design work, we obtain a design deposit and schedule a day for our design team to measure and photograph the portions of your home that are necessary for the design.

Step 2: We arrive at the scheduled time to obtain measurements, photographs, and other necessary information to accurately create a starting point for your design concepts. This information is cleaned up back at our office and from here we generate a preliminary concept including floor plan layouts and three-dimensional renderings. This design concept is delivered to you by email, in person, or by hard copy depending on your preference.

Step 3: After you have reviewed our initial preliminary design we meet again either on the phone, in person, or in a web meeting to discuss any changes or questions you have. This process continues until you are 100% satisfied with the design.

Step 4 : After you are completely satisfied with the home design and floor plan layout our home designers will create the construction prints required to build the home. After the final prints are finished you will have one last chance to look everything over and make any last minute changes before printing. With your final OK, we go ahead and print the blueprints to scale on either D-sized or E-sized sheets. Your blueprints will also be sent to you electronically for easy sharing with family, friends, or contractors. The finished blueprints are sorted, rolled, and delivered in a crush-resistant cardboard tube. The prints can be delivered either in person or by mail. We cover any postage fees. Full payment of plans is required before final plans will be delivered.

If you have any questions regarding our design process feel free to contact us.
We accept cashcheck, and all major credit cards.

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Contact Info

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 (888) 702-2555
  (888) 726-9224
  1104 E. US Hwy 380 Bus
     Decatur, TX 76234

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